Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why does facebook try to be like myspace?

and on second thought why do people try to make a career out of "updating" their page? do you prefer myspace or facebook?

Why does facebook try to be like myspace?
With myspace's success, facebook is attempting to create some of that success for themselves. making different applications that are just plain odd and trying to genereate more people to come to the site. Usually when people are bored or don't have a lot to do they tend to update thier page quite a bit. I personally prefer myspace because it was there first and it is staying the same so i dont' have to take a class to figure out what the heck is going on and it does not have some of the dumber applications
Reply:it doesnt
Reply:I like facebook more because there are less idiots on there. Besides, I like how on facebook, you can design your own page. I hate it when people have 20,000 videos, flashy things, etc., on their page, because if freezes up my computer.
Reply:it doesnt try to be its just a more professional version thats all
Reply:Myspace is not for kids, Bebo is for kids.

And i once signed up to facebook, i think myspace is better updated, more original and more popular.
Reply:i like myspace better. but facebook helps with networking. myspace is more customizable (sp?) i always update my page idk why.
Reply:I prefer Facebook. Myspace is for kids and poseurs who only care about accumulating "adds" so they can feel good about themselves. Facebook is more about networking.

... besides, Myspace's new slogan should be: Now With Fewer Pedophiles!! *

*claim may or may not be accurate
Reply:i would say facebook is better.
Reply:I prefer facebook.

And facebook tries to be like myspace to get users. They want to attract more people to use facebook because they get money through some of the applications, such as gifts and other things. So, that's mainly why.
Reply:i prefer myspace.
Reply:Facebook isn't trying to be like myspace exactly. Obviously, it's a good tactic to use things from other similar sites that worked well to improve your site. Naturally the creators of facebook are looking to become the best blogging/networking site out there. They provide many options that even Myspace, in all it's glory, doesn't offer.

People get bored. Also, alot of people use it to stay in touch with friends and family. For example, I just graduated and I use it to keep all my friends and classmates updated on my life. Facebook really is the best website out there for that kind of thing.

I prefer facebook on most days, but Myspace is much much more customizable....and thus, I spend time on there too.

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