Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook invite...?

I received a invite that went like this:

Hi ______,

I've requested to add you as a friend on Facebook. You can use Facebook to see the profiles of the people around you, share photos, and connect with friends.

[URL to join Facebook]


Is this a legit invite from that person or a spam from Facebook that so happened to get into that person's address book and email me an invite? Just want to make sure this person actually sent me an invite and not just because I'm in his address book, and that when I join everyone in my address book doesn't get a spam invite from me either just because I joined.


Facebook invite...?
Yes, What happens is when someone creates a facebook it gives you the option to send invites to everyone who is on your AIM buddy list and/or Email address book. This is most likely what you have recieved.
Reply:if you do not have an account on facebook it will email that message to join facebook.
Reply:Hi, if u don't know the person that invited u to join or the invite does not give u a name then don't join it because when u do that person will automatically be able to see ur profile and if u don't know them then u probably don't want them seeing u.

Good Luck and take care!
Reply:i cant see anything wrong with it
Reply:It's an invite from one of your friends....

It's okay....really... I have been on facebook for quite a while and meet my friends there...we have a ball!
Reply:join mine instead...the name is valentieno...check it out...
Reply:i agree. theres nothing wrong with that
Reply:i get those too and i really dont know. i woudlnt' take ur chances just ignore it

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