Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you think "applications" have ruined Facebook?

Facebook is suppose to be about being socialable with friends and meeting new people. Not posting stupid videos and pictures on "fun walls". Do you think that all these stupid applications have ruined what Facebook is all about?

If so join up the anit applications group on Facebook now and invite all your friends!

The link is


Do you think "applications" have ruined Facebook?
No I like the movies one and iLike, I do wish people wouldn't invite me to join apps though, that's annoying.
Reply:I agree that some of the applications are not interesting to me. But some of them are useful, and many of them do further the goal of being sociable and meeting new people. So I'm okay with applications.
Reply:I like the applications but the one thing that annoys me about them is that you can't view what people have sent you unless you post the app to yoru profile. I don't want it on my page I just want to see what a friend sent me for goodness sake!
Reply:Yep, there are way TOO many applications that no one really uses or purposeful.
Reply:no, I like the applications. If you don't want to use therm that is up to you, you can ignore requests to add them. That is the beauty of facebook, you can use whichever parts of it that appeal to you!
Reply:there are WAY TOO many applications on facebook!

Reply:There's nothing more annoying than logging in after a week to find you have no new friend requests, but about 500,000 'Jedi vs Sith'/''Vampires vs Ninja'/Werewolf'/'Slayer'/other pointless crap requests.

Go AWAY!!!!
Reply:No, I don't think this at all. If people want to spend their lives posting silly things......let them!!!

It's about enjoying yourself!
Reply:Adding applications is the one thing that makes it able to compete with MySpace in my opinion. Just reading about people's interests doesn't bring you back on the site every day. Having customizable profiles on MySpace was one of its best features and now Facebook can compete with it. So I think if anything it has helped Facebook.
Reply:i think that the applications are fun plus u can always compare them with friends and discover new things.

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