Friday, April 16, 2010

To those who love animals and have facebook?

Hey all,

This isn't practically a question but rather a request. See a group called Pet Lovers Around The World had been created in facebook to all those who own or would like to own pets at some point of their lives.

Now what I would like to ask is that if anyone finds him/her self fitting that criteria to please join and become an active that I mean post comments on the wall, share pictures, videos and whatever else that seems useful on the discussion boards as well as invite people who share that passion for animals.

Now how would I choose the best answer you might ask? After joining and contributing to the group, the person with the most contributions would be chosen...If you don't want to display your name in facebook here, simply send the ADMIN and creator of the group a message telling them which was your reply in yahoo answers.

Hope there's enough of us pet lovers to make a wonderful and friendly group!


To those who love animals and have facebook?
I love animals always, as my family and i own a black and white cat with 3 new moons at the top of it's left back leg on the left side almost at the end. But i'm afraid that i don't have a facebook account. As i was told by my family members, that the facebook site was not a good site for me. Which they didn't recommend facebook to me. Which they were only thinking of me with my choices of websites for me. i hope that this helps and goodluck.

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