Friday, April 16, 2010

Will anyone join my facebook group?

Will anyone vote for me?

I have been selected for the next stage in a model competition and starting tomorrow the public gets to vote for a winner. I am the smallest contestant (5'9") of the 5 left but believe I have the most to offer. I want to show that height doesn't matter and I don't want to do catwalk anyway, so feel that would be a bit unfair. I think I have a very unique look. Here are some pictures of me. Just ones I took myself. Have I got a chance do you think?

Please message me on if you want to know more. Please no abuse.

Thanks! :)


Will anyone join my facebook group?
sorry, 1 I don't have a facebook 2. I think facebooks are like myspaces, so u could be some creepy 45 year old pretending to be a teenager, and rape someone. and 3. I don't know u

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