Friday, April 16, 2010

Anyone have facebook?

Anyone have facebook?
Reply:yeah but i'm never on it.
Reply:yup. and whats with the url? are you trying to advertise it or something? anyways its cool ;D
Reply:what is it?
Reply:ummmm no I have MySpace
Reply:who freakin doesnt these days. i swear its gonna turn into myspace damnit!
Reply:I have a Facebook account,so I will check out the group.
Reply:facebook is the best, well its better than myspace.
Reply:yeah i have facebook and myspace
Reply:No, sorry.
Reply:Yes :)

Face book is more slanted to a canadian social networking site, while myspace is American
Reply:yea...i had a myspace but i stopped using it like 2 yrs ago cuz facebook is much more mature...
Reply:No, I have a myspace.
Reply:ahh sorry no.

i have myspace.


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