Friday, April 16, 2010

Why is facebook/my browzer being a ******?

Every time I click on a facebook like has 'php' in the url, it opens a new window (im using firefox on Linux (xandros) ) and it says:

"Opening profile.php (only happens with profiles it seems)

What should I do with this file?

profile.php (in bold)

which is a: PHP script


(then it gives me options:)

Open with: Texteditor (default)

Save to disk

Do this automatically for files like these from now on.



I've reset, cold start, tried opening in new windows, new tabs, tried typing out the link manually but it sends me to a "page does not exist page on facebook"


Why is facebook/my browzer being a ******?
At the moment I'm having trouble viewing my profile. A few hours ago I was on Face book %26amp; everything was fine. Then I came on before and couldn't view my profile or anyone else's. But I can log in.

Update- I think it's working now


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