Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook account deactivated???

my wrote down my wrong year bday cuz i didnt know my highschool email, so im supposedly 38 years old, now i wanted to join it and they wont let me cuz im 38, so i told them i wanted to change my bday and now they deactivated my accoutn and said that they are gonna change my bday but first they hae to deactivate my account. and now its been 2 weeks and ive been emailing them and they wont fix it, they just keep saying there gonna do it, wen i tried signing in they told me to fill in this thing telling me to write my highschool and school email and they will send a reconfiramation thing to my school email but thats where i messed up. i messed up writing my email and now that thing wont come back and im emailing them @ and I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! please help, wut should i do??

Facebook account deactivated???
Open a NEW email account with your correct B-day then get a New facebook account. If they can't fix the old one (or are presuming you a troll) you just need to be honest in your new set up. Good Luck!

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