Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How can i get on facebook from school?

ive tried things like etc... can someone please tlel me how to get on there? thanks a lot. - S

How can i get on facebook from school?
You could use a circumventor to get around the school's filtering system, unfortunately it wouldn't process flash code.

You could also use remote desktop, connecting your computer at home. Of course this requires a high-speed connection and leaving your computer running.
Reply:If you are using a school computer you are probably restricted from using things like myspace, facebook,etc due to the time wasting potential of these websites, esp if people need to share the terminals for homework, and also because it may have inappropriate content...may be okay with your parents to use facebook but that doesn't mean that the kid next to you won't tell his parents the "horrible" things that they saw over your shoulder...and then the school gets a call from that kid's parents. Stuff like this happens all the time, and schools know how to nip it in the bud. If you are supposed to be allowed to use these websites at school, you should be able to just ask your librarian or teacher or study hall supervisor, or whatever, to help you log in. If you are not supposed to, I wouldn't.

If you want to visit these websites and can bring your own laptop to school and use wi-fi to connect, then by all means, do that. If you can connect to facebook at home from your laptop, and you can get signal at school, your laptop will work exactly the same way as it does at home.

Hundreds of proxies here:

Forward to friends and Enjoy!!!
Reply:Change your proxy settings, then u can access any website.
Reply:Havent tried this before, dunno how it works
Reply:proxy site
Reply:Use the Facebook at School app:


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