Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook Password re-set?

Hi Everyone!

Please help! About two months ago i tried to log in to facebook and it came up saying that my pasword was incorrect, it wasnt but i decided to try and re-set it. First i clicked re-set as requested, this didnt work so i sent an email to the address shown on the help pages. it tells you to email if clicking re-set does not work.

I have subsequently emailed and clicked reset every week for the last 8 weeks and to no avail. i have had no response to my e-mail or re-set button. I am sure of the email address i registered with as located the email i recieved from them originally after signing up.

PLEASE HELP, i have tried to find a telephone number but cant. and have also emailed any facebook email address i can find!

Facebook Password re-set?
well you could sign up for a new account if you cannot get into this one. and not geting any response from facebook people.

thats what i'd do if you definity can't get back in to your account .

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