Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facebook Group! Support Canadian Troops in Afghanistan?

If you haven't already joined facebook, you should its a really great site.I just love this group- Support Canadian Troops in Afghanistan;

here are a few things ppl said;

~It is awesome to see all the support. When we get the different Minister's and Generals coming over here they always tell us that Canada is supporting us its always nice to hear, but to see it in writing means so much more. Tell these people that all their comments are very much welcome.

Sgt Brister

`Clare Cochrane wrote

For those who do not stand behind our soldiers,I dare you to stand in front of them.

-Lynn Ball wrote

I want to thank all of the officers and admin of this support group for creating it,it has been a wonderful way to have my morning coffee these last few weeks,while waiting for my hubby to finish his tour,also it has been great to see the support for all of our troops serving in Afghanistan,thoughts and prayers to all over there and stay........

Facebook Group! Support Canadian Troops in Afghanistan?
Thank you for supporting our Canadian allies.

They are doing a fine job in Afghanistan and have truly proven their grit. I'm proud to call them our cousins.
Reply:Thank you and let me apologize for the other two answers you received. Many do not understand how much our Canadian allies are contributing. Report It

Reply:so you don't have a Question you just want to sell face book... that just stupid and you are wasting people time..
Reply:screw the canadian troops

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