Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You Embed You Tube Videos In Facebook?

I recently set up a Facebook account. But unlike MY Space and Bebo there seems to be no way to embed a You Tube video. The only way I found was to sign up to Digg and they have an app ( which allows you to highlight a clip. But they have hardly any videos I can add.

You can see them near the bottom of my facebook page ( but they are not embedded - you have to click on them to go outside the site.

Anyone have any help?

Can You Embed You Tube Videos In Facebook?
There's an application you can add called YouTube Skins that allows you to have the video on your Facebook. Just search for it in applications. You can choose the 'skin' you want to go around it. I like a nice plasma myself lol!
Reply:you must get the code from youtube that you would put on a site just like myspace.
Reply:You can post them, but not really embed them. They can be viewed on your profile if it's in your mini-feed.

Just post the link to the video (the actual URL of the page the video's on) into your posted items

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