Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help with registering with Facebook?

in the register section it asks for my email address and password but is this password the actual password i use for my yahoo account or a password i can use exclusively for

Help with registering with Facebook?
They are asking for your Facebook password. The only time they would ask for the password to your yahoo account is if you want to tell friends about Facebook from your yahoo address book.
Reply:It is your password for Facebox (new password). But you also can use your old password from Yahoo, g-mail, hot-mail e.t.c.Important is, everytime when the Facebox will check your registration and ask you for log in type e-mail adress and password wich you are ENTER DURING THE FIRST REGISTRATION. Veradisca %26amp; Best Regards, Neven.
Reply:just enter your email address and then password that you want to use when you will log in to facebook.
Reply:Exclusively for

They do not need your yahoo e-mail password, but you can use the same one if you want!
Reply:w/e password you want to use for facebook!
Reply:That's one that you use just for facebook. After you register, on the page that comes up when you log in there is a thing that asks for your e-mail and then EMAIL password, that is your Yahoo! e-mail password. (it is just so that you can find friends that already have Facebook or to invite friends that don't have Facebook.)

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