Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is so popular in India that some Analysts say that it is best choise for aquisition?

There is a rumour that is being acquired by either MSN or Yahoo as they are targetting on social networking sites in India and China to compete with google. It gives strength to these rumours as both Yahoo and MSN tried acquiring and missed it in USA. How old is and is it that big to be considered for acquisition?

Is so popular in India that some Analysts say that it is best choise for aquisition?
I think, it would be a best bet for msn or yahoo to buy if they wish to compete google+orkut combo. Among many social networking sites, the only portal that drew my attention is

I dnt know what msn or yahoo gets out of this acquisition deal but, If anybody wishes to acquire social community portal in india, you can't afford to skip this site.
Reply:Well, the first reply (by Srini) is fine about the social networking part, but I have to correct him in a few other aspects...

After digging a bit more into this story....these are a few incredible facts that I had found about this site!!!

Correct me if I am wrong!!! was started in March 2007. (not an year ago)

-Ranked 54 within India in just under 75 days of initial launch.

-Notched up another 20 ranks in just the last 1 month and is now at an incredible 34.

-Wowie...This site sure rocks.

An Indian Version of the Myspace story perhaps!!!

Good Luck to Yahoo!!!


And yes, I've heard this 'rumour' too!!! Or could be true is a social networking site that is acquiring popularity amongst younsters now. It was started not more than a year back. As of now there is nothing interesting in it to join. I first registered and unsubscribed. MSN or Yahoo cant do anything great by acquiring it.
Reply:The site looks decent and is updated with new features and contests that makes users active. Dont know whether Yahoo or MSN is acquiring but it is worth logging in to the site. I like this site and i use it because many of my friends are on this site and also because Orkut is blocked in my campus.

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