Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook profile pic is ugly, but I'd like to meet some girls. Is anyone looking for a guy like me?

I really don't have a great body (5'9'', 158lbs). I'm not fat, but I don't have large muscles, other than my arms. I'd like to meet a sweet girl, but I haven't had any luck. In case you can't see the pic, I am a 20 year old Caucasian with hazel eyes, spiked hair (short), who enjoys music. Last week, I thought this girl liked me; when I asked her out, she said she was just being friendly. After this, I felt torn. I don't know any girls at my college and am kind of shy. Most of the girls aren't real wholesome here, I'm not really interested in anyone else at NEIU, but don't want to act desperate. Please don't tell me I have a lot of time left; I feel pathetic at this age. I live in Arlington Heights (near AHEFC Church). If there is any girl out there in the area looking for a nice guy who will treat you with respect and care, then I'd really like to meet you; here is the link, I'm telling the truth:

Facebook profile pic is ugly, but I'd like to meet some girls. Is anyone looking for a guy like me?
Hey now,

Here are the steps to help

1) Do not refer to self in any way as ugly---a person's personality and their self-esteem is what can help or hurt a person (a good self-esteem/personality can make you attractive)

2) Try to get out there and get to know more people...I know you're shy....are there any clubs?

3) Try to avoid taking big lecture classes if you can---classes with a lot of people in them can actually prevent you from meeting people

4) Try to go out on group dates with two or more people. "Hey, me and so and so are going to see Movie That is Funny or Scary. You want to come?"

5) Do not be afraid to take pictures with violins---if the girl is any kind of a mature girl, she will like you more because you have a passion for something (music). I'm sure it takes dedication to learn to play the violin

6) Be nice, say hello, say "see you later"

7) When you are attracted to a girl, ask why you are attracted to her. Is she really worth the time? Well, is she? There are a lot of girls---even pretty ones, hot ones---with low self-esteem that feel dating the studs will make them feel confident. And then there are people who only judge others on outer appearance or how much money they have or race or religion. Do you want someone who judges so critically?

8) Believe me, kiddo, it ain't all about looks. Looks are the first impression, yes---but if you can somehow make who you are stand out, you're ahead of the game

9) Be helpful and be a friend.

10) Be proud of yourself---you probably have talents others would love to have
Reply:Hey, thought you'd appreciate this. It's changed my life. Report It

Reply:Among others, but these will get you started.

Oh, and don't worry too much. It takes time.

The more important is that you're never ashamed of being yourself.

You are NOT a fake, you are NOT a fraud, and as said above, the people you like the most are those that will like you for YOU. Report It

Reply:Don't go after what society tells you is the good choice.

Society is so often wrong.

Cheers and good vibes! Report It

Reply:PS: whenever something from outside YOU comes your way and you don't like it, you don't have to take it. It's something from the outside. Most of the time it means more about the "offender/insulter/whatever" than about yourself. Life is meant to be cool, if it is meant to be something at all! Ehehe Report It

Reply:awww how cuteee... do u have a myspace? hehe
Reply:yah you are so cute come to my house
Reply:heres a tip, dont post a picture of you playing the violin.
Reply:there we are i added you as a friend!!
Reply:I think your Handsome....and its sound's like you have a great personalty...Don't worry you'll find a girl that LOVE'S you for who you are just remember there's ALOT of Stuck up B*****es out there LOL Keep your head up.

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