Friday, April 16, 2010


my boyfriend recently made a profile on and he is talking with girls from that site whom he calls old friends. i know his password and i logged on this morning. i found out that he has given them his msn address and asked them to meet in person. he has also told them about me but still they were like more than friends. the girls call him honey, darling, etc. i am very angry at the moment. i want to break up with him. what should i do?

Well,you should end the relationship.

By the way,why were you spying on your boyfriend? I would be pissed if someone found out the password to my Facebook account.
Reply:Although I am not sure I really like the fact that you totally spied on your boyfriend. It seems there are some trust issues. Before you break should confront your boyfriend. Just because the other girls are calling him honey/darling is not proof that he is cheating. I know a lot of girls that use that term very loosely. Also keep in mind if they are infact old friends then maybe they want to meet to catch up and reminence about the good ol'days. I have meet a lot of old classmates through facebook. I don't mean to give your guy a pass because your suspicions might be right and he is trying to get some on the either case you guys need an honest discussion about your relationship.
Reply:DUMP the sob.
Reply:Well you probably wont like what I am about to tell you but here we go. Your not going to have to worry about breaking up with him once he finds out he cannot trust you since you took his password and snooped in all his accts. In fact he may have used this as a test to see if he should persue a relationship with you, and honey , you failed, best learn to mind your own bussiness until you are married. Even then it is not right. It is called Privacy! and you violated it.
Reply:leave him quickly before you end up pregnant and married to the loser!
Reply:you should talk with him and see whts up and get things straight before you just break up with him i mean just talk with him and good luck i hope things work out
Reply:You should leave him.

If you have to sneak into his stuff there is no trust in the relationship to begin with so there is nothing to save.
Reply:end it. If you don't have honesty, you have nothing
Reply:i went through something like this awhile back, i am glad i found out.. i was ready to kick him out and we did fight but we made a deal, we both had each others PWs and i actually talked to the girl he was talking to, she and I actually became friends( he told her about me but also made it seem like we were just friends) i set her straight and she backed off, since then i havent had any problems, dec 8 will be our 6th month anniversary.. i say take a look at your past with your bf and figure out is he worth fighting for, if so fight and dont back down.. if not then the best thing is to leave him
Reply:I'd be pissed too! Did he tell you he was planning to meet up with them? You need to talk to him and see what his reasons/excuses are. Then decide if you want to break up.

Good luck!
Reply:Break up with him. How can you trust anyone who lies to you so much you have to hack into their account.

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