Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facebook group?

if anyone has a facebook and swims please join this group!! katie hoff is an administrator

also has anyone ever been guilty of this? for those of you who dont have FB, its being a fianls oh (reverse those 2 letters i cant say it here)

You know what a Finals Ho is...

It's that girl that swims bad in prelims, but decides to show up at finals anyway. But not only does she come to the finals that she didn't qualify for, she dresses up, does her hair, and wears make-up. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls that actually made finals look like crap, because they've got more important things to worry about (like actually SWIMMING) than what they look like.

Why do they wear mini-skirts and make-up to swim meets? You're in a hot and humid aquatic center... everyone else looks like crap... you're just bringing bad attention to yourself. Stop. ha

i was guitly at jr nats- our relay got dqed and we came back to finals dressed like hos.

Facebook group?
Haha i don't have facebook, but the people usually do that is because they know they're ugly or at least they FEEL unattractive with a onepeice swim suit, no makeup, and chlorine hair during prelims, so they have to make up for it when they show at finals. Like..."So I was having a bad day yesterday- LOOK AT ME NOW!!!"

When YOU'RE the one working your butt off, and then other girls come showing their butt off, and get more attention- it is ANNOYING!

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