Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Myspace Or Facebook?

I have both but i dont really dont get all the features ion facebook.

i was wondering if i should try to learn them or jsut stick with my myspace?

add me if u want

Myspace Or Facebook?
I use facebook because all my peeps are on facebook, but I don't really care for the applications they've added and I mostly ignore the invitations to participate in stuff that came from the applications. Facebook doesn't have to be complicated. Besides, myspace ads are too in your face.
Reply:myspace for socializing.

facebook for posting pitures.

i prefer myspace.
Reply:i tried facebook its terrible. but diffrent poeple have different tastes.

oersonally i prefer myspace
Reply:I like Facebook better. It seems easier.
Reply:stick with mysapce easier and i think it makes more sense than the facebook !

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