Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook quetsion?/????

ok so i have a facebook, and when i go to and log in, it saves my email address on the screen. and i dont want it to do that. ive tried deleting it but its not working. the reason i dont want it saved there is because i am borrowing someones computer and i dont want them to be able to see my email address!

i need help!

please try to help me!

Facebook quetsion?/????
Try turning off auto complete. Its something some computers come with. Its possible its your computer and not just the facebook that is causing the e-mails to be saved. I have a computer at work and it NEVER saves my facebook e-mail (I sorta want it to) on my home computer, on any website it saves the user name/e-mail.
Reply:Hmm...two options:

1. Either use the logout link in the top right corner, or

2. After you're done, clear the cookies. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools%26gt;%26gt;Internet Options and clear history and cookies.

This way, no one will be able to access your facebook.
Reply:the only way that i have found to avoid this is to go to the history on the computer and delete the site
Reply:Delete the cookies on the computer, or at least the cookie(s) for Facebook.

view it

takes a minute to load though

just wait
Reply:turn off the cookies on the computer.

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