Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If you have Facebook...?

Check out the above link. What do you think? Opinions?

I think its ridiculous. Let it be.

If you have Facebook...?
I don't like it.

Granted, I don't know what the hell it is.

My computer won't allow anything without a valid security certificate, which it apparently doesn't have.

So I don't like it.


EDIT: Okay, I fxcked with the link a little, and I can see it now.

I STILL don't like it.

I'm an atheist. Maybe you have to be a Christian to understand this site?

I understand that it may be offensive. But really, don't they have a right to their opinion? I certainly hope so.

If I made a group saying, "Fxck Satan," all the Christians would line up to support it. But isn't it true that satanists, in this case theistic, have feelings, too?

Christians say that they "know" God is real, because they sense his presence and power. They can "feel" it; that he is there and he loves them. Well who's to say that satanists don't feel the EXACT same way, in regards to "Satan?"

But in terms of who is the entity to follow, they can't both be right. What's right for one side, cannot be right for the other side. Everyone has had their own beliefs, experiences, and all in all, lives.

In cases like this, they put the majority to the victory. But personally, the only thing I think Facebook COULD do, is force the group to change to name, removing "fxck," and inserting something that isn't considered profanity by legal standards.

But really, I don't think they should have to do anything at all. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. No matter what someone else thinks, EVERYONE should have their own beliefs and opinions.

EDIT 2: Tom, LOL. YesYes, MySpace IS in fact better. Lmao.

EDIT 3: Hahaha. Well, maybe I'm biased. I have a 1.7k friends on MySpace, 4,000 on MyYearbook, and only 3 on Facebook -- I deleted most of my Facebook friends months ago. Lol. So, I find MySpace a little more entertaining. But I must say, Tom, MySpace has more fxcking bugs than ANY other site..

EDIT 4: I found a way around that. But normally, our security system won't even allow access to the site.
Reply:i feel offended by that even though i am not christian. how low will people stoop!

theres about a million groups on facebook that begin with the word F*** and end with the name of a religion.
Reply:Myspace is better.
Reply:Considering the fact that Facebook makes my computer's security system go bonkers and freeze, whatever it is, I probably won't like it.

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