Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I need help with facebook, please comment!?

Okay, you know, well, I was playing around, and said the year I was born in 2000, and now it says I cannot register because I'm too young, this was a total freak accident, does anybody know how to fix this problem, so it will let me register????? I swear I was just playing around, I'm 14, I really wanna register, please help! %26lt;3

I need help with facebook, please comment!?
Contact support so they can reset your email account to not being restricted. Or just you a different email account.
Reply:Use a different email address and put in your right bday and once you have it you can set your profile so only the month and day of your bday will show or even the month.
Reply:no clue sorry
Reply:start over

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