Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook! please help me! =]?

okay, so i just got a facebook.

the page thats loaded is totally weird, like it doesnt look like facebook is supposed to look. all of the links are just like underlined, there are no tabs or anything.

also, it wont let me load a picture onto my profile. like- it wont let me click ''browse'' to upload a picture or anything.

when i type '''' into the browser link/address link and it comes up, theres a blue box on the right side of the homepage that says

''Javascript is disabled on your browser.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser or upgrade to a Javascript-capable browser to register for Facebook."

But, when i went to the Javascript website and downloaded it, nothing happened.

can anyone please help me? answers are GREATLY APPRECiATED. =]


Facebook! please help me! =]?
sounds like you have java disabled in your's an add on that you have to enable..that should fix all your issues...cheers
Reply:it could be just a glitch in the system.

if it's still like that in a few hours, there might be something wrong.

myspace was like that about a week ago.

it was messed up for maybe like.. 5 hours or so

Reply:get a new one this is mine

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