Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Facebook Has been Disabled ?!!!! HELP !!!!?

I have got my facebook account disbaled ..I don't know why ..I was just putting a advertisement of the group I made on other groups that's all ..but I was just doing that so more ppl will join ..they couldn't of disabled it because of that ...and also I made many groups on facebook about 10 groups and many of my posts have been deleted ..I want to know if I am able to restore my account back ??? I wrote a e-mail to the they have sent me a e-amil saying they will look into my account .. but I want to know if I do get my account will all my posts be restored again and will everything be back to normal and will be account get restored again ??? Please help me. Thanks alot everyone !!!!!

My Facebook Has been Disabled ?!!!! HELP !!!!?
My facebook account has gotten disabled because I was sending to many notes.
Reply:I would advise you sending an email to the administrators and they will look into the problem more..

Most likely you posting spam, they wont let you have your account back.
Reply:Don't panic, its just facebook. Your life is not over. BREATHE.
Reply:You just answered your own question. You've already contacted them, so sit back and relax, you spaz.

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