Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facebook or Myspace?

Which do you prefer better myspace or facebook

I want opinions but please if possible support them!

dont say stuff like this " its boring" (you should say why,in your opinion, its boring!

Facebook or Myspace?
Myspace is more aimed towards music while Facebook tries to connect you based on what groups your involved in.

At the end of the day, a user is going to join the one that his close circle of friends have joined.
Reply:I suggest myspace.
Reply:I have both, but prefer myspace, even though it has more security issues (with phishers and what not), but more of my friends use it, I also like how you can really personalize it with html and change background, etc.
Reply:Myspace is more popular, on current affair shows there always going about myspace rather than face book. If you cant decide flip a coin or do enee meene miney mo
Reply:facebook has some nice features, but i find it a lil complicated to use..

i prefer myspace
Reply:good new features in face book!!!
Reply:myspace its alot easier to use and more ppl use that so thats where all my friends are
Reply:I use myspace just because my friends use it so I have no use for facebook.
Reply:myspace - because you can do a million times more than anything!!

if u cant decide - make an account for both.

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