Friday, April 16, 2010

What is facebook like?

Can you tell me everything you know about

-I want to make one, but i want to know if its like myspace or something. And what things you can put in it, etc...


What is facebook like?
just get an account, if its not all its cracked up to be for you,

then delete your account.

there are so many applications and you can have ones that you want.

i like to play games so i have the mind jolt games app.

i like facebook because you basically no everytthing everyone does. (im nosy like that)lol

if you go on their page you canview their mini feed.

its better then myspace i think.

i dont even go on myspace anymore.
Reply:for find your friends that you have not seen for a long time.

i have find my high school friend and primary school friends. try it taste
Reply:its better than myspace
Reply:I find facebook boring because you really cant costomize it like myspace(cant have html, so no music,pics, games,backrounds on your profile). Facebook has apps that clutter your page( you can turn them off so they wont) it also has lots of quizzes and little compiititions between your friends. Facebook you will eventually have to pay to use, Myspace is free and they said it will always be free. I say facebook is low on the customizing and personalizing part but has high communicating and compitition.
Reply:its the same thing but i like my myspace better

This is my son's facebook
Reply:I would say it's like an Advanced Myspace. The thing about Facebook is its all about these things called Applications (Apps) that you add to your page. I like facebook, but i think myspace is better and a lot less of a hassle.
Reply:i think facebook is lame....

i prefer myspace way more than facebook...

on facebook... you can put different apps and stuff, and let others add what you have too...

i guess that's ok.. but unless you are addicted to those stuff... its not that fun after you do it once or twice..

i only made facebook cuz my friends have it, but i rarely do anything on there... O_O;;
Reply:It's pretty good. It's more organized and you can find your friends easier than you can on Myspace.
Reply:Facebook is a little more boring and geared toward the older/college aged people.

It has apps that you have to download- like games, or quizzes- I think Myspace is more fun and you can make your page look cooler.

My opinion though.
Reply:Techmaster. Only friends can see into a Facebook profile!

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