Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facebook problem!!!?

Everytime I go on and try and go on games and e-mail friends of facebook the very bottom of the page say 'Error on page'. This problem doesn't occor on any other website. Can anybody help me out please? And yeah I have tried setting up a new account but there is the same problem orror again cheers

Facebook problem!!!?
there must be an error in the script on that facebook page. Contact facebook and talk to them about it.
Reply:script on the page
Reply:this is always happening to me on there is the same every day,so sorry.....i have been trying for like 3 months now!hope you get it sorted 'cos i cant!
Reply:Sorry Beckyboo, this seems to be a major problem with facebook. I have the problem myself. I have had to send up to 4 x before succeeding. Hopefully Facebook will get this sorted soon. Good luck!

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