Monday, April 12, 2010

Should Facebook be allowed to ban the "**** Jesus Christ" group?

Freedom of speech anyone?? Can you really insult a figment of the imagination??

Should Facebook be allowed to ban the "**** Jesus Christ" group?
%26gt;%26gt;"Freedom of speech anyone??"%26lt;%26lt;

do you realize that freedom of speech has absolutely nothing to do with it right?

last I checked things like that were private entitys, which are allowed to censor their own space and territory however they wish.
Reply:Honestly, this is one of those things that can be argued endlessly, with people expressing personal opinions forever. However, my honest, secular opinion is that people do in fact retain the right to free speech--it's in our constitution. That same right to free speech allows me to write this answer, and all of the other answer's I've provided on this site, as well as your right to even ask the question. It may be offensive, and it may very well be absolutely stupid and immature, but the fact is, people have the right to be stupid and immature (we all see it on a day to day basis--e.g. the woman who walked in front of my car today...haha what was she thinking?)

Hope this helps!
Reply:Well, is Facebook a privately owned website?

If they are, then yes, they have every right to ban group they please.

Also, I mean, what kind of group is it? What would the members have to talk about? "Hey, I hate Jesus." "Oh really, I hate Jesus, too."
Reply:Freedom of Speech only applies between citizens and the United States Government. It does NOT apply to private organizations.

So basically, you don't have a leg to stand on.
Reply:Well they can ban anything they want since they host the site on their own private servers, but i don't think they should ban it. Freedom of speech is irrelevant in this context since facebook owns the site, and not the government
Reply:no, it's freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but under George Bush, none of those rights matter anymore.
Reply:haha, i like it.

Nah, i don't think they should be able to ban the group, where's the tolerance there? There's less and less freedom of speech now, unfortunately.

The only thing they'd have against it could be the whole swear word in it.
Reply:yeah they should.. no praying...cant talk about if they want to ban a group that majorly disrespects christians. why shouldnt it get banned if christian beliefs are constantly being banned in places.
Reply:It's their website. They can do whatever they want since they are the ones paying the bills.

The group could start their own. Then you would have free speech.
Reply:a figment of imagination, he is the reason for everything
Reply:that group is a ******* **** ***** **** ***** **** **** *** hole
Reply:Well, I agree that freedom of speech is important. However, since that is a constitutional right, only the government has a responsibility to uphold it. As a private enterprise, Facebook can allow or ban any groups it likes.
Reply:They're a private entity. They can make it so only groups about flying monkeys can be made.

But I, not having a Facebook and therefore being unable to see the site you put up a link to, would have to say that it depends on why it got banned. If it was because a few too many fundamentalists complained because they saw a group that offended them when they had no reason to really be offended, then no, they shouldn't have. But if it was because members of the group tended to harp on Christians to the point where they became a bunch of trolls while they were at it, then yeah, they had a viable reason to do so. The last thing anyone needs is people being rude towards others because they don't believe the same things you do.
Reply:i could understand making them change **** to screw, but they shouldn't be banned.
Reply:I do not think they should ban it because I believe in Freedom of Speech. However, I do think they should have to change their name to something a little more rated G. The **** refers to a word that should not be allowed, and anyone over the age of 7 is going to know what it is. I feel that is just too in your face rude and disrespectful.

And...I am a Pagan, not a Christian.
Reply:I don't have a facebook account so I couldn't see the Link. Is facebook government owned and opperated, or private? If they are private they can ban anyone who they feel violates their standards.

Jesus loves you, and He loves every member of that group too. May God shine His light into your soul and guide you in all truth. May He poor out the blessing of Faith into your life.
Reply:Freedom of speech is freedom speech, no matter where it comes from and when it especially pertains to religion as it was somewhat suppressed.
Reply:"Freedom of speech" refers to government interference with the right of speech. It does NOT apply to the decision by a private individual or corporation to restrict certain types of speech on privately-owned property/sites.
Reply:Facebook can censor you in any way they like. They are not a government owned group and as such can regulate what goes on their site. THEY set the rules. Facebook has a client base and can make decisions that are best for its business. Why thould they have to post your offensive material and suffer a loss of business just for your "right" to post that. Answer: It's not your right. So yes, they absolutely should be allowed that power. And as for the second peice of your statement: You are wrongly assuming that. It is pretty well established that Jesus historically lived. It's weather he was really the saviour or not that was and always will be a point of debate.

Boxter1 and others: whe do NOT have the right to ask or answer Q and As here... It is a privilage that Yahoo gives us and can be retracted at any time. Yahoo suspends accounts all the time... Sometimes justified and sometimes totally unjustified.... But it's their site, so they are within their rights. I am astonished at the lack of constitutional knowlege out there.

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