Monday, April 12, 2010

How do I get rid of a fake facebook account made of me?

I have emailed numerous times about the fake account made of me. A person has made an account with my name and picture, and has sent messages to my friends and the messages have been very rude. There are fake pictures posted in which my head is photoshopped onto disturbing pictures. I have reported this many times to facebook, but they have yet to do anything about it. I need to know if there are any legal options I have. This account has admitted that he or she is not me and that the account was made to harass my friends and i, as well as ruining my reputation. Facebook has the time to ban people for sending too many messages, but they don't have the time to ban someone for making a fake facebook profile of me?

How do I get rid of a fake facebook account made of me?
I think you should report it to the cops because they are beginning to take this sort of thing seriously. It is a kind of identity theft and I think it could also be considered defamation and slander. Get it sorted out soon because it could be used against you in the future when you are applying for jobs etc

Google cyber bully laws and find out if your state has any laws. Dr Phil's show on cyber bullies was quite interesting too (link below).

I hope you are able to sort this out quickly.

Good luck.
Reply:They are probably working on it, it takes time.. Facebook is terribly slow so i'd just wait it out, and tell all your friends that profile isn't you it's some low life idiot who has nothing better to do in their life than make fake accounts, also try getting your friends to report s/he and maybe they'll look into it fast %26amp; delete it seeing more people are reporting it.

Good luck!


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