Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook help?

I just added a friend on but decided that I wanted him to see a limited profile only. Is there anyway I can do that?

Also, I have some friends I don't know that well and wanted to delete them off my friends list. Does anyone know how?

If someone could help that'd be great!

Facebook help?
Sign into facebook. click on privacy on the top right hand of the screen, right next to the log out button.

scroll down to the bottom. where it says limited profile, there should be a space to type ones name. type the persons name and then click search. find the correct person and select allow person to only see limited profile.

When you want to remove a friend, go to your friends tab at the top left hand corner and click on friends. show everyone, then scroll down. find the friend, and to the right of their picture and profile info will be a link saying "remove friend". click this for the ones you wish to delete.

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