Monday, April 12, 2010


my boyfriend recently made a profile on and he is talking with girls from that site whom he calls old friends. i know his password and i logged on this morning. i found out that he has given them his msn address and asked them to meet in person. he has also told them about me but still they were like more than friends. the girls call him honey, darling, etc. i am very angry at the moment. i want to break up with him. what should i do?

Ok, seriously. Think about it for one second. Just because he gave them his msn address and said they should meet up, does that mean he's using you or will cheat on you? No. If they're old friends, cool. He wants to see old friends. It's not a big deal. You even said he told them about you, so obviously he isn't hiding you from them.

Also, you were worried that they call him honey, darling, etc... I don't see this being a big deal at all. Plenty of girls use words such as that for friends.

Like somewhere here said though, if you really can't trust him then ask him. Personally, it was pretty low to go looking at his facebook and you have some trust issues you need to work on. All in all though, I think you are overthinking this situation.
Reply:I would confront him with the information that you got and ask him whats really going on. He needs to be honest with you and if you dont like what he tells you leave him. Give him a chance to explain and see his side of the story. But beware - he might try to tell you what you want to hear to make you stay with him. Be strong and dont let him brush off what he did. Tell him that you dont want other women calling him honey and darling. Its possible that they are ex-girlfriends but nonetheless. Confront him.
Reply:yeh he is lying to you that these girls are just old friends funny he should have mention these girls to you while you were dating. dump the bastard and find a real man that won't just use you
Reply:Well, this is what you get for snooping. You obviously don't trust him to be using his password and checking his msn. If my partner did that to me I would be furious at my invasion of privacy but then again I wouldn't be chatting with members of the opposite sex and arranging to meet them behind his back. You either have to keep your mouth shut and go on not trusting him or admit to him you were snooping and deal with the consequences.
Reply:First of all honey, you are 100% wrong for logging onto that man's facebook account. if you have any suspicions that your man is cheating on you then he probably is! A women's intuition is almost always correct. Besides many girls use pet names for guys even when they are just friends so you can not use that as a justification. No i don't think he should be meeting up with these girls unless they really are old friends he has not seen in a while and would like to catch up with them. But to me it seems like you are a jealous person. You are the girlfriend!!! Take charge of the situation and fix it! And if he is doing something wrong leave him!
Reply:I say end it he's taking advantage of you!!!
Reply:this is why facebook should not exist, you are wrong to go into his account and wrong to spy and wrong wrong wrong! Yet he is so wrong to be meeting other girls on the sied WRONG! so what two wrongs don't make a right? RIGHT! fix it! tell him you know!

Don't beleive people whey they just told you to trust him, trust comes natually in a relationship after being proven time after time. Like your best bud you would trust him. Just because you know him well enough to trust him.

Don't be FORCEd to trust anybody it has to come naturally. I trusted my ex and she betrayed me infact lived in m home txted her ex, was still in love with her ex,cursed me out thew crap at me and yelled about me being snoopy when I didnt even takes time.
Reply:don't break any thing they will break after 2 or 3 days ok
Reply:Break up with him. If he isn't cheating on you yet, it looks like he is going down that road. That is so disrespectful and not right at all.
Reply:if your that insecure with it then dump him or talk to him about it . But i can tell you if you tell him you were snooping into his email and all he will probably dump you.
Reply:tell him you're cool with threesomes
Reply:Yikes - that's bad but don't break up with him over it. I don't know if telling him what you did is such a good idea either?

But try to let it go and just don't snoop - hopefully it's harmless if you trust him then you'll be fine, if not, then that's a whole other issue

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