Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facebook photo album help!?

Yes on facebook i dont no if people can see my photo album from my profile. when i go to my profile i dont see a thing under my pic that says view album... and when i just click on my pic on my profile it just shows that pic alone in Profile Pictures album. i dont show my album with all my pics.

can some one see if you can go to my album

if someone knows why when i click on my pic on my profile it only shows that pic in the the small view like u viewin a album n it in Profile Picture album, but u cant see my album with all my pic;s in it.

if u understant what im talkin bout please tell me wat i need to do, thanks

Facebook photo album help!?
I didn't exactly get what you mean besides I checked your profile but you're in a different network so it's not visible for me, so anyways, you should probably know that there's a profile picture thing and another photos application where you can add albums with your photos and stuff... if you added your pix to the profile pictures section then it should appear when you click on your profile image and small thumbnails of your images are shown, if that didn't happen then you most probably have added them to that photo application I just mentioned. Check again and wish that could help.
Reply:if you have tagged yourself in pictures or others have then it will say view more pics of "your name" (and a number)

if not then you go to photos and at the top it will say my photos, then create an album

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