Sunday, April 11, 2010

CSS to create what and use?

Does anyone know where I can find the CSS and possibly javascript code to recreate what ,, and use on their sites?

Specifically they have that 'down arrow' image next to their text menu names and it also changes to a box when hovered over.

Yes, I know they are using some sort of Javascript so I'm looking for any URLs, Codes, etc, that can help. Tthanks!

CSS to create what and use?
I could not find the effect on any site other than Kinda a neat effect for a menu, but did you notice the JavaScript attached to that menu? Good grief. It took me a half hour just to get the damn thing to work. There are at least 10 different JavaScript files that make this menu work, not to mention the JavaScript that's written into the page. The majority of the JavaScript files are external files. You can see them in the source code, they all have the following extension "js?1200638416". You will need every single one of these files to make it work. Not impossible, but can be done. Not sure if the arrow images can be changed or not. I didn't see them at a quick glance in the code, but I'm sure there in there somewhere, or on one of the external JavaScript files. This is a nice menu effect, but unless you are skilled with accessing files on a sever, you will never get this thing to work. I didn't download the files to get it to work, though I could have, I just added the complete URL to the JavaScript file extensions and the images. The menu might be worth the time to clone, but unless you have a good HTML editor, it's just about impossible to do without.

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