Sunday, April 11, 2010

Which are your Fav apps on FacebooK?

Which are your Fav apps on FacebooK?
I loooooove SuperPoke, Growing Gifts, Hatching Eggs, Bumper Sticker, Tattoos, Free Gifts %26amp; Where I've Been....pretty much in that order too.
Reply:Hi, I have many favorite applications, some I use for myself and some I show on my profile. Some classic ones are graffiti, free gifts, moods and quizes. Then there are others that you can add that have to do with friends, like comparing friends with likeness and other such apps. Then there are apps that you can add to give more info about yourself with little cute things like name analyzer and other such apps, which really doesn't change once you add it. Then theres an app where you can add your favorite stuff with links and pictures to them so people can see what you like. Bumper stickers is also a good app. Then there's apps for your desktop which you can add to notify you of facebook activity like fizboost.
Reply:I like Bunchball games and Avatars. I don't care about the avatar part of it, but there are a few fun games on there. I'm addicted to Blackboard football myself, but there are others that you might like. Free gifts is cool too. Took FBook's little moneymaker and made it free. Nice.
Reply:I like Free Gifts, Where I've Been, Entourage, and anything with pictures. I like to waste time using Flixster and it's cool to add music to I Like.

I absolutely hate getting add requests from the vampires, ninjas, and all that jazz!!!!
Reply:Graffiti is definitely my favorite application. The opacity really gives it an artistic touch and you can make so many cool drawings. Other than that, I don't really like any of the applications. It is turning facebook into all the other personal page sites. Facebook is supposed to be organized and neat and more mature than all those applications.

Some of them, however, like graffiti and piknic, are very cool.
Reply:I'm a nerd but I've become addicted to Fluff friends. I also like my football picks app.
Reply:Warbook, Defense of The Ancients, Rise of the Rebelion, and Fight Club.

Some fun long-term games to waste time with. ^^

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