Monday, April 12, 2010

URGING ALL MEMBERS OF FACEBOOK- do you want to see freedom restored in Burma?

Do you want to see democracy in Burma?

If so, join this group to show your support to ALL the restrained, persecuted and forgotten people of Burma.

and also follow the link on that page and sign the petition urging the British PM to continue his involvement in seeing democracy being brought to the borders of Burma.

You have a free voice- use it to help others so that they can have the thing that they are crying out for- freedom.

We can make a difference, and if we stand up and are counted, then we will see a wind of change in our lifetime in Burma.

URGING ALL MEMBERS OF FACEBOOK- do you want to see freedom restored in Burma?

Its a wind of change we need to blow through Britain.

Our countries in total social %26amp; moral decline. Why dont you spend more of your obviously wasted time petitioning the government to put more Police on the streets or tackle the homeless situation..?

Charity begins at home, like all things.

We need to sort out our own back yard before worrying about anybody elses.
Reply:i think your group's link is faulty!
Reply:Signing a petition, means nothing to this government, haven`t you learned anything.
Reply:acually no i dont.
Reply:It's not democracy they need. Look at Iraq and post-independence India. A democracy will probably lead to the breaking up of the country into separate states along ethnic or religious lines. Democracy led to the partitioning of India into Pakistan and Bangladesh and thousands of deaths. All they need is a benevolent dictatorship who will let them get on with their lives and let the different ethnic groups live in peace, but which can also unite the nation through strong government.

This misguided effort will have numerous unintended consequences if successful - a hallmark of neo-con policies. The last thing any one wants is that Burma be plunged into more bloodshed and turmoil.

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