Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook group about invitro?

so is there a way to make a group look really cool? there is a radio station contest that a woman I know is in for a person who has the most friends in it, it's so dumb, I KNOW!! but, she had a miscarriage and is trying to raise money to get a round of invitro which is $15,000, so even though it's a silly radio contest, is there a way to make the group look really cool? i'm a myspacer, but i joined to help her out, because her story makes my heart break. if anybody would join this group i would really appreciate it. also any ideas to make groups look better would be great. right now it looks like it's just a form!

please join!!!

Facebook group about invitro?
no, there's not really a way to make a group "look cool"...just write a good description, put up a pic, and invite everyone you know.

there's a lot of stupid groups out there but that's a good reason to make a group, i joined =)
Reply:You can't change the format of groups on Facebook. Certain sponsored groups have the ability to change the format.

There are sooooo many charity-type groups on Facebook. I've joined a few that I'm personally connected to, but I refuse to join just any group.
Reply:you cant modify the basic group layout... that's why facebook is so fast.. there arent a million banners and backgrounds and music like myspace
Reply:not really. It's just a group, so put up an awesome group pic and have some good discusions going. And invite a TON of people!

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