Monday, April 12, 2010

Do you like my Facebook application?

Hey All,

I've spent the last two days developing a Facebook application based on the "I have never" game.

You can add it at: (you'll need a Facebook account)

Do you like the application? Can you think of anything cool I could add to make it better?


- Nick

Do you like my Facebook application?
blah i dont feel like downloading it to see it. there are so many random applications on there now
Reply:Na seen better but nice try though do something different next time think iv'e actually seen this before.
Reply:Yeah, that's nifty. You might want to add something, like a drinks icon or something, for people to take shots with, ya know? I added it. ;o)
Reply:Its definately got just need more than the 10 I have or I have never options. I can see it catching on.

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