Sunday, April 11, 2010

Auto-Login to facebook script! can it be done?

I have 2 email accounts, and a facebook account, a bank account and a myspace account.

I log in to all of them from work, home, on the road, yadda yadda.

So I created a secured bookmark webpage, with autologin scripts to all 5 sites that are password protected, so all i have to do is visit my secured bookmark page, and when i click the link (which is actually a submit button, that is preset to the same as the login form on the site that i am visiting) it logs me straight in.

but to facebook i just can not get it to work, facebook gives me an error. "For your security, never enter your Facebook password on sites not located on"

how can i get past that?

Thanks for listening, hope to hear back soon :)

Auto-Login to facebook script! can it be done?
Sounds like it knows the location you were at when you hit submit.

There could be a hidden field on the facebook login page that has some value that you're not sending with your submit button.

Might be a cookie being set that you're not emulating.


It's not such a good idea to have that auto login to your bank though. If someone gets into your secure page, they'll be able to mess up your myspace and read your mail (big deal) but getting into your bank account is bad news.

Not really worth the risk, however small you think it might be, when the alternative is just a little bit of typing...

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