Sunday, November 29, 2009

Which is a better site, or

it depends on opinion

some people like myspace better, some people like facebook better

Which is a better site, or
Myspace is like the asult version of Facebook, but I prefer Facebook.
Reply:Myspace =] It's funner.
Reply:Both have pros and cons. I have an account for both site.

Imo, myspace is more customizable since you can use your own html and css codes to change your page. Being able to change your whole page layout and have music play automatically is a big plus.

Facebook is more organized and the applications are easy to add and maintain. Keeping up-to-date with friends is simple with the news feed.

b/c It has tight privacy.
Reply:it really depend on you but if i had to choose between facebook and myspace, i will take because you able to talk to all your friend in school, work or other but the choose really depend on you.
Reply:Myspace, you get tons more options to choose from :]
Reply:There's a brand new social networking site which actually PAYS its members just to use it!

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Reply:It depends on the person, I would tell you that there both good but I am more leaning to the myspace side, I spend more time on that than facebook. But there both good and I do check facebook on my free time but just not as much as myspace. I am thinking that maybe I will be shutting down facebook since they are going to let anyone and everyone search for you on the interent search engines. like google.
Reply:I think they both have their ups and downs but myspace might tend to be a little more user friendly. Facebook offers a good variety of time killing applications you can participate in. I use both almost daily so i really have no bias towards anyone


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