Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photo Shoot, Headshots, CUrly or Straight Hair? Facebook Users ONly?

I'm a dancer and I'm getting headshots done on wednesday. My hair is naturally curly and I've heard that if you're getting headshots done and you have naturally curly hair you should wear it curly and not straighten it. However, my naturally curly hair can get very puffy and frizzy and I don't know if maybe i should wear my hair straight for the picture. Below are two pictures one with my hair straight and one with it curly...should i go all natural or straighten my hair? Do you think my naturally curly hair would give me something different, like an advantage? Help me out!!!

naturally curly hair

i'm the one in the purple toga:


Photo Shoot, Headshots, CUrly or Straight Hair? Facebook Users ONly?
If you wear your hair curly on a normal day, wear it curly for the head shot and use a curl serum, an a good conditioner. I have really curly hair and it gets poofy too when it drys. I purchased herball essences hello hydrating conditioner and my hair is so soft and manageable i also bought care free curl, curl restorer it helps remove the frizz. the conditoner on it's own is good though. good luck.
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Reply:I understand. Picking hairstyles can be hard. I think that whatever is more natural to you would be the right answer. Headshots need to communicate who YOU ARE. If you normally straighten you hair and are more likely to walk into an audition with your hair straightened, then keep it that way.

You should check out That site has a lot of really good info on it.

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