Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is Facebook offline today? December 11, 2007?

The URL in my browser says:

But I get this in the browser shows:

The URL you requested has been blocked. URL =

Is Facebook offline today? December 11, 2007?
nope ive logged in today

that sounds like ur computer has blocked it - do you have an internet virus protector, that might be blocking the website or are you trying to log on from work or school or something? they might have blocked it?
Reply:no i just went there.
Reply:No, it isn't but I wish it was.
Reply:I just went on with no problem what so ever
Reply:I was on a few minutes ago. Maybe its your computer.
Reply:No, but it's been really slow for me.
Reply:if it is saying that its blocked, maybe your school or home (wherever you are) has put up proxies or site-blockers so you can't get on facebook.
Reply:Facebook is definitely having partial uptime today aka downtime. They appeared to slow down and become unresponsive in apps or changes, but the static pages kinda worked. I jumped out of Firefox and dropped my security to see what was up, but confirmed it with good old command line. (Run... Cmd)

Two key commands to know are of course: tracert and ping. If you can't handle command line a copy of the freeware "3D Traceroute" that is floating around on the web. A copy appears to be here:

Ironically with Facebooks crazy might be worth having a web application that does nothing but poke their servers or pages and measure the response times and report it on a different server.

*Update: The site went back to normal performance last night (not sure I remember when)...I compared my Tracert logs when I was having Intermittant issues like the original post...all the servers that Timed out were owned by Facebook. When there is unscheduled and unannounced server maintenance or downtime...that is what you get and it also depends on which server within their cluster you hit. (which can be managed by location)

Try the "3D Traceroute" program I mentioned which also has Whois, Ping and lots of other features built in and does not require any installation. You might need to read the help a bit, but help you tell where the breakdown is by trying different target site traces.

Remember it's not always your computer and internet settings...that's the big lie floated mostly by ISPs and online service providers...Servers go down and also slow down when overloaded. The most popular social networking site under explosive user growth is likely to have issues...everyone should email Facebook's support and ask the to post it on their site so that users don't rip apart their systems when they know they are having server issues.
Reply:it may just be your browser because i can get on...
Reply:i was on earlier
Reply:No maybe your internet is not working
Reply:nope. i've been on it off and on all day.. are you trying to access the site from your work? the admin of the computer may have blocked it (whether you are at home or work, the admin of the computer can do that)
Reply:I was on a few minutes's working here.

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