Sunday, November 29, 2009

Facebook problem?

why my loading is always slow? not like other sites, like etc. my internet connection is suddenlink @ oklahoma. 5MB/S.

also, my download speed from others good http/ftp is around 500kb/s-1000kb/s. but i wonder why my loading is pretty much slower than others. anyone know why?

Facebook problem?
Its loading slow for me too. There may be problems on their end. Thats more likely since your problem is isolated to them. Unless this has been going for days or weeks, I would not be terribly concerned. Websites get bogged down, or a server of theirs has gone down or anything could've happened.
Reply:Well: according to " MyFacebook " they do have Problems

With Service of course it is because the Internet browser

server connections would be needing repairs in which

that will show if there's low or Marginal mbps Signals

yes ! I know about reporting in this problem towards as known for their Customer

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