Sunday, November 29, 2009

Facebook: hacked/email issues?

My facebook was hacked, and surely since they just changed the password I tried the password re-set email? (Duh.) Well, it didn't send any email to my email account. But, I also tried sending e-mails about the hacking in general to, abuse@ and etc. Still! No e-mails being sent. But, I don't think they changed my e-mail settings on my account because I still get e-mail updates from my Facebook about friend requests, events, etc.

I also tried creating a new Facebook with another comcast e-mail I have, and the conformation e-mail didn't get sent to me either! But then, when I tried with an AOL account (friend's e-mail) I got the conformation e-mail right away.

What's going on?

(By the way, I also disabled my firewalls and everything in case it was blocking e-mails but that didn't really work.)

Facebook: hacked/email issues?
Firewalls have nothing to do with this unless you run your own email server!

Try checking in your spam folder.

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