Sunday, November 29, 2009


Everytime I type in "", I get this message,

The web site address you entered could not be found.

Please try the related content suggestions and paid advertisements below, or try another search.

You entered "".

But it'll go to anyother website, what's wrong? I already tryed logging off and logging back on to the internet. HELP!?!?!

I think there is a problem with facebook's website today. I am having similar problems.

R U addicted to facebook like I am??? ;) just kidding
Reply:mine was down too when i tried to get on. did u put the www cos sumtimes that can effect it. hope it works!!!
Reply:calm down, facebook might be under maitnence so wait and it will be back up by tommorow and who knows maybe facebook is working on making itself better as we speak.
Reply:It seems like the site is down. I was on this morning and was in the middle of deleting a message and crash! It would not even close for the longest time. I just want to be sure I am logged out.....but can't.

So, I guess we wait.

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