Sunday, November 29, 2009

Facebook and invitro?

so here's the thing, does anyone know how much invitro costs? that's my question. i'm also asking a favor for a this girl i heard about. she's trying to win a contest, if she has the most people in her group on facebook she could win $7k to put toward invitro, which she thinks will cost about $15k. CRAZY. she's already had one miscarriage. anyone, i don't care if i get reported because this is just so heartbreaking to have a miscarriage and then find out you can't get pregnant:( so if anybody is willing to join this group, that'd be awesome. i don't think you even need to have facebook!

Facebook and invitro?
we are currently looking into having iui and if that does not work than ivf the cost for the iui for us is $200.00 and the doc said that ivf would be $13000.00 hope this helps you and good luck to your friend.

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