Sunday, November 29, 2009

Facebook have disabled my account?

I have tried logging in since Thursday but it says your account has been disabled please contact

My friends say i no longer show up and they thought I deleted them.

I can only think of one reason that I used Pete as i prefered that, rather than Peter in my name...would that be violating the rules to get disabled.

How long did it take to get your facebook back active?

Facebook have disabled my account?
shuh. make anew account.

that's exactly what happened to me i contcted them and a whole big confusing thing happened and in the end it went back down to "contact"

just make a new one. i suffered for 2 months lol.

yeah once ur acounts disabled your'e pretty much screwed, becasue the admin keep on throwing it around to each other.

and now i can't change my name. wat a ***** facebook is...well good lck anyway!
Reply:no the name shouldnt be a problem

someone reported you maybe for being racist or saying something that offended them or wtv

it'll be gone for about a week or two

it happened to me before
Reply:You may not be able to get it back. Best bet is to contact Facebook. They probably found some type of violation and it wouldn't be the name as you described.

Facebook support link

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