Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do i ask out a girl that i do not really know? i introduced my self through

shes a freshman in high school, i'm a sophomore.

How do i ask out a girl that i do not really know? i introduced my self through
Picking up girls online is pretty hard. Just ask her if she wants to go out sometime. Recommend somewhere public so she doesn't think you're going to try anything crazy, but take her somewhere quiet so the two of you can talk and get to know each other. That's only half of the battle, though.

If she agrees, then just try to play it cool. Make sure to talk to her. If you don't think you're good at talking, ask questions and let her talk. Be sure to listen, and pick up on things she likes. Then you can save those to talk about later. Once she realizes she's doing all the talking, she'll start asking you questions.

Don't be too serious about dating her, you can move in on that when you're more comfortable with her. Try to be a good friend. If she mentions that she is doing something on Tuesday, call/text/im her on Wednesday and ask how it went. Be concerned with things that concern her, and be there for her.

Along the way the two of you will decide if you're right for each other.
Reply:Do you actually know her, but not that well? If you don't actually know her thats a waste of both of you time...
Reply:meet her face to face and get to know her in person and go from there
Reply:no no, facebook intros = stalkerrrrrrrrr.
Reply:LOL! i met my boyfriend on facebook. =p

and i now live with him.

but yeah you should just talk to her ...

we first talked on facebook, myspace, aim and text. and phone.

we met on rl at school for college. like after a month of talking.

( the reason why i met him on facebook was becuase i was starting a new school ans wanted to know how the school was.)

then at school we talked and after a few weeks we started going out.

but yeah let things its course. just talk to her and be her firend... and then ask her out... so what if she's a freshmen and your a sophomore. age doesn't matter...
Reply:if you dont know her only by facebook dont ask her out

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